Origin-Ameans that origin of Australia. Origin brand identity is that provide pure health like the original nature to all of people. Therefore you can get clean and pure health through the Origin-A. Also, Origin-A products supply to lotte duty free, airport of mu-an in Korea and Korean airline as well

Nature’s Queen is the first brand of proudex, and the tree of brand logo means that healthy, happyand comfortable human life. Also the brand identity is that provide well being life to everyone. Natures Queen is always being with you who want to have the best life.

Proudex Healthcare is one of Proudex's brands. Based on its health care product range, Proudex healthcare deals with production, supply and export.
Only materials extracted from clean areas from Australia & New Zealand are used for production.
In order to meet the high demand in health and nutrition from customers, it is vital to continue to remain committed to providing only the best products at the best prices.

Nature’s Top Technology Pty Ltd is a company which specializes in the production and exportation of medical supplies and substitution medicine (health function food) established in Sep 2005.
Nature’s Top Technology is a professional corporation which uses only the finest and the freshest ingredients, gathered from the uncontaminated vast fields of Australia and New Zealand, to produce their natural health functional food.

All of our products are exported worldwide in countries such as; Korea, America, Japan, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand, and are manufactured under the strict prescription and quality management of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), the Australian food and medicine department.