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Weight loss & control
body fat & abdominal obesity reduction
Appetite restrain
Enhanced heart function
Enhanced competency to exercise

Data sheet

Type Listed Medicine
Producer Origin-A
Date 14. Aug. 2016
Volume 1157mg*60 Tablets
Ingredients Levocarnitine (L-Carnitine ) 10mg, Ubidecarenone (Co-Enzyme Q10) 12mg, Coffea canephora seed (Green Coffee Bean) 200mg, Paullinia Cupana seed standatdised 50mg, Achyranthes Aspera seed 100mg,
Nutrition Calories 4.2Kcal, Carbohydrate 0.93g/0.28%, Protein 0.07g/0.12%), Fat 0.01g/0.02%, Sodium 0mg/0%


손하리 손 09/04/2015

확실히 효과는 봐요

한달쨰 쓰고있는데 5키로 빠졌어요
식이요법 조절하면 다른것보다 효과는
2배로 커지니 또 조만간 구매하려구요^^

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손하리 손 09/04/2015

이거 정말 대박인듯함

제품자체가 굉장히 효과봐요 슬리밍으로 가장 혁신적이고 이상적임 꼭 사야되요.

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Power Diet Slimming

Power Diet Slimming

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