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[Sold Out] Propolis 40% Tincture *3ea



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Neutralize symptoms for Sore throat and tonsillitis

Neutralize symptoms for stomach ulcer

Prevent gum disease, cavity, and internal ulcer

Remove bad breath

Help heal skin diseases, scars, and burns

Data sheet

Type Listed Medicine
Producer Origin-A
Date 18. Aug. 2017
Volume 25ml
Ingredients Propolis extract(Australia)10ml., Edible alcohol 8.75ml., Purified water 6.25ml
Nutrition Energy(0.6㎉), Carbohydrate(0g / 0%), Protein(0g / 0%), fat(0g / 0%),Flavonoid 1.0%, Calories(0.6Kcal), carbohydrate(0g / 0%), protein(0g / 0%), fat(0g / 0%), sodium(0mg / 0%)
Intake, Directions Take 1 spoid(3~5 drops) twice per day


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[Sold Out] Propolis 40% Tincture *3ea

[Sold Out] Propolis 40% Tincture *3ea

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